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Andrew Pletcher

Male 1849 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Andrew Pletcher was born 1849 (son of Samuel Pletcher and Elizabeth Reed).



    Andrew — Mary Mickel. [Group Sheet]

    1. Harvey Pletcher
    2. Warren Pletcher
    3. Rose Pletcher
    4. Nora Pletcher
    5. Bertha Pletcher

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Samuel Pletcher was born 19 Jun 1819 (son of Jacob Pletcher, Sr. and Barbara Nestlerode); died 1 Jul 1892, Wakarusa, Elkhart County, IN.

    Samuel — Elizabeth Reed. Elizabeth was born 1815; died 1865. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth Reed was born 1815; died 1865.


    Information from Hal Ferguson

    1. Elizabeth Pletcher
    2. Maria Pletcher was born 1842.
    3. Julia Pletcher was born 1844.
    4. Barbara Pletcher was born 1846; died 1895.
    5. 1. Andrew Pletcher was born 1849.
    6. Levi Pletcher was born 1853.
    7. Nancy Pletcher was born 1857.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Jacob Pletcher, Sr. was born 11 Mar 1790, Big Valley, Huntington County, PA (son of Samuel Pletcher and Elizabeth Yotta); died 13 Oct 1870, Elkhart County, IN.


    PICTORAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS Jacob and Barbara Pletcher moved to Elkhart County IN in 1852 according to this source: "...Samuel and Elizabeth (Reed) Pletcher, the former of whom was a Pennsylvanian, and a son of Jacob and Barbara (N) Pletcher. Samuel was one year old when taken to Ohio, and in 1852 became a resident of Elkhart County IN." Notes on children taken from Military records and from Family Group Sheet by Edna Borger, of Elkhart County HERALD OF TRUTH (Mennonit e Newpaper from Mennonite Historical Library, Goshen, IN, Obituary notice of Jacob and Barbara Pletcher): "On the 13th of October, in Elkhart County IN, JACOB PLETCHER, aged 80 years, 7 months and 2 days. Funeral services by J. Nusbaum, Eli M ishler, S. Yoder and D. Brenneman, from Rom. 4:8. Also Oct 26th, BARBARA PLETCHER, consort of above, aged 72 years, 10 months, and 1 day. Funeral services by Jacob Wisler and D. Brenneman, from Rev. 14: 13. There whole posterity consists of 1 7 children, 100 grandchildren, and 33 great grand-children. The aged father and mother have for many years been faithful members of the Mennonite church. So eager has been their desire after the bread and water of life, and so earnest have th ey been in their efforts to serve God to the end, that feeble old age did not restrain them from attending the service of God in the sanctuary. May have doubtless been encouraged to faithfulness by their example. The mind of the true worshippe r in the sanctuary has been elevated and prompted to bless God at the entrance of the aged father and brother with a staff in each hand, assisted by kind friends, and followed by the aged sister, whose bodily form was bowed down in such a manne r that she " could in no wise lift up herself." One glimpse of the aged mother would naturally lead the mind of the Bible student to think of the daughter of Abraham who was bound and bowed down for eighteen years, and in a miraculous manner wa s loosed, and made straight, by the power of the Savior. Many relatives and friends followed their bodily remains to their last resting place.
    Go weary pilgrims to your rest, In desert lands no longer roam, "Come," says the Savior, "come ye blest, Into the joys of heaven, your home." D. Brenneman" Information on children taken reord, information from Howard Pletcher. Jacob Sr. was called "Big Yake". "Born Mar 11, 1790 Big Valley, Huntington County PA. Moved with his father's family below Beech Creek, Center County, PA. about 1804-05. In Center County he mar ried Barbara Nestlerode. From Center County, he moved to Crawford County OH. After being residents of Crawford County OH for 30 years, Jacob and Barbara disposed of their Ohio interests and followed their sons and in-law families to Elkhart Cou nty IN" "In the Mennonite migration during the late 1840's and early 1850's were the Jacob and Barbara Nestleroad family. Jacob and Barbara now making their home with their newly married son John and Christina's family purchased the ancestra l Pletcher farm on the NW corner of IN St. Rd. 19 and Elk. County Rd. #32 Berkey Ave in 1853...The present home was built in 1867 and the large bank slate roof barn in 1890. The family patriarch Jacob's homestead is now a centennial farm owne d by Clifford and Lucille Pletcher Wenger, Lucille being a great-great granddaughter of Jacob and Barbara..." "All children of Jacob and Barbara were married in OH but Polly (Pletcher) Clipp"

    Ohio Pletchers 1756 emigration to PA from Germany to OH 1820 , Centre CountyPA and Crawford CountyOH, Indiana This Jacob is known in the family as Big Jake. He was a son of Samuel I and Elizabeth Yoder Pletcher, born in Lancaster CountyPA He m arried Barbara Nestlerode in Centre County PA. Barbara was born in 1795, a daughter of Christian Nestlerode and Anna Margaret Bott Nestlerode. They were Mennonite. Big Jake, family and Barbara moved to Ohio in 1820 or 21 with the rest of the f amilies....from Centre County PA to Ashland, Crawford and Wood Counties Ohio in search of good farm land. Samuel died 15 Mar 1830 and is buried in Pletcher Cemetery, near Galion, Crawford County OH. FrancesEileenBushoriginally submitted this t o Pletcher / Flesher Family Tree-(under construction) on 4 Jul 2008

    1870 United States Federal Census about Jacob Pletcher Name: Jacob Pletcher Birth Year: abt 1791 Age in 1870: 79 Birthplace: Pennsylvania Home in 1870: Olive, Elkhart, Indiana Race: White Gender: Male Value of real estate: View image Post Office : Wakarusa Household Members: Name Age John Pletcher 43 Cristiana Pletcher 44 Barbara Pletcher 18 John Pletcher 17 Mary Pletcher 15 Peter Pletcher 13 Christian Pletcher 11 Sarah Pletcher 9 Elisabeth Pletcher 7 Henry Pletcher 5 William Pletche r 1 Frances Pletcher 1 Jacob Pletcher 79 Barbara Pletcher 73

    1860 United States Federal Census about Jacob Pletcher Name: Jacob Pletcher Age in 1860: 70 Birth Year: abt 1790 Birthplace: Pennsylvania Home in 1860: Olive, Elkhart, Indiana Gender: Male Post Office: Goshen Value of real estate: View image Hou sehold Members: Name Age John Pletcher 30 Chistina Pletcher 31 Barbara Pletcher 8 John Pletcher 6 Mary Pletcher 5 Peter Pletcher 3 Chistina Pletcher 2 Jacob Pletcher 70 Barbara Pletcher 64

    1850 United States Federal Census about Jacob Pletcher Name: Jacob Pletcher Age: 61 Estimated birth year: abt 1789 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Gender: Male Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Polk, Crawford, Ohio Family Number: 816 Household Members : Name Age Jacob Pletcher 61 Barbara Pletcher 54 John Pletcher 21 Henry Pletcher 19 Catharine Pletcher 15

    Jacob — Barbara Nestlerode. Barbara (daughter of Christian Nestleroad and Markrat) was born 25 Dec 1797; died 26 Oct 1870, Elkhart County, IN. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Barbara Nestlerode was born 25 Dec 1797 (daughter of Christian Nestleroad and Markrat); died 26 Oct 1870, Elkhart County, IN.


    Jacob Pletcher's (Jr.) pension application has a statement by Barbara Pletcher saying that she was present at the birth of Hannah, Barbara, Julia Ann and is signed with her mark. (9th Oct. 1866)

    1. Christian Pletcher died 22 Sep 1904.
    2. Catherine Pletcher was born 15 Apr 1815.
    3. Anna Pletcher was born 23 Jan 1816.
    4. Israel Pletcher was born 23 Mar 1816; died 1879.
    5. Elizabeth Pletcher was born 17 Jan 1817; died 1893.
    6. 2. Samuel Pletcher was born 19 Jun 1819; died 1 Jul 1892, Wakarusa, Elkhart County, IN.
    7. Christian Pletcher was born 20 Sep 1820.
    8. Mary "Polly" Pletcher was born 10 Apr 1822; died 27 Feb 1904.
    9. Jacob Pletcher, Jr. was born 9 Jun 1823, OH; died 11 Nov 1863, Memphis, TN.
    10. Anna Pletcher was born 23 Jan 1825; died 25 Dec 1901.
    11. Margaret Pletcher was born 31 Jul 1826; died 24 Mar 1856.
    12. John Pletcher was born 2 Aug 1829; died 29 Dec 1899.
    13. Henry Pletcher was born 16 Aug 1832; died 3 Aug 1918.
    14. Mary Pletcher was born 10 Jan 1834.
    15. Catherine Pletcher was born 14 Feb 1835; died 10 Mar 1905.
    16. David Pletcher was born 26 Apr 1836.
    17. William Pletcher was born 14 May 1837.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Samuel Pletcher was born 28 Jan 1751, Wieslach, Baden, Germany (son of Martin? Samuel? Pletcher and Mary Maynard); died 15 Mar 1830, Galion, Crawford County, OH; was buried , Pletcher Cem., Crawford County, OH.


    "THE PLETSCHER OR PLETCHER FAMILY IN AMERICA" "When Samuel and Henry Pletcher were of the proper age, about 12 or 13, they were apprenticed out to trades. Samuel was apprenticed to a weaver, and Henry to a cobbler. The usual apprenticeship pe riod was until the apprentice reached the age of 21 years, a period of seven years or more for which the apprentice received their food and clothing." "At the time of the Revolutionary War, Samuel was 23 years old, and was married to Elizabet h Yotta (Yoder or Yates) of Lancaster and had sons. There is no record of his service during the war." "Samuel and Elizabeth Yotta Pletcher lived in or near Lancaster, PA and all of their 8 children were born in the Lancaster Valley. After t he birth of his eight children, Samuel Pletcher move his family to Huntingdon County, PA in the center of the state where he was recorde in the first U.S. Census of 1790. Samuel then moved the family to McDonald's farm near Beech Creek, PA, nea r Howard where he had a distillery from 1813 to 1821. In 1821, he moved his family, children and grandchildren to Ohio (Crawford County)...they took with them the five younger children and their wives, husbands and grandchildren : Henry, Jacob , Elizabeth (Reed), Catherine (Nestlerode), Anna (Pletcher) Pletcher."
    Lancaster County PA 1770-1790 Howard, Centre CountyPA 1813-1821 Galion, Crawford County OH from 1821 to present day. Informtion from Howard Pletcher, Goshen, IN--Born Jan. 30, 1751 state of Baden Germany, at Wieslach, (south of Heideeh his widowed mother Marie Manardt Pletscher and infant brother Heinrich "Henry" about the year 1757-58. In Lancaster County, PA he married Elizabeth Yotta "Yoder". About 1775, shortly after marriage, he moved to Big Valley, Huntingto n County, PA. From Big Valley he moved to Beach Creek, Center County, PA about 1804-05. In 1821 he dispose of his interests in Center County and followed the families of his son Jacob and son-in-law Jacob A. Pletcher to Crawford County, OH. H e became the first burial in Pletcher Cemetery. Inscription on his headstone:
    Samuel Pletcher died Mar. 15, 1830
    Age 79yr. 1 m. 17 d

    Pletcher Family History

    The Pletcher family name was common in Schleitheim, in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, in the 15th century. The Pletchers were nearly all land owners, all were Catholic and they were classed a noble family. The name had various shetscher, Platscher, Ploetscher due to the region the family lived in. Around 1520 to 1530, the Pletcher's broke from the Catholic faith and became Anabaptists, known as Swiss Brethren or Mennonites.

    Since the Church of Switzerland was Catholic, Mennonites were persecuted and sometime exiled. At the end of the Thirty Years War (1648), many fugitive Mennonites fled Switzerland into the Palatineate region of Germany. Since church recordet Mennonites, the names were not preserved.

    The first Pletchers migrated to Pennsylvania, later to Ohio. Many of the Pletchers who migrated to Indiana settled in Elkhart County. According to the Mennonite Quarterly, two Elkhart County Bishops, Jacob Wisler and John F. Funk dividete Northern Ohio Mennonite churches followed Wisler. Their group was called the Wislers and the other the Funks. They took issue with Henry Pletcher's preaching in English and the congregation also took a stand against holding evenin g services. So most of the Pletcher's left for Indiana. Preacher Henry Pletcher and his family followed in 1882. He became on of the ministers of the Yellow Creek congregation in Elkhart County. He was violently opposed to the use of tobacco an d had difficulty working with the Elkhart County ministers. Henry was "silenced" and John F. Funk charged that he "talked too much." After he was silenced, he continued his connection with the Mennonite Church and donated the land on which the S alem Mennonite church stands.

    Samuel Pletcher, born January 29, 1750, in Germany, married Elizabeth Yoder, 1771, in Lancaster, Penn. Samuel's son, Jacob, born March 11, 1790, in Lancaster, Penn., married Barbara Nestlerode. Jacob's son Christian, born December 31, 18d Mary Catherine Enders, in 1862. Christian's son, Noah Pletcher, born February 15, 1866, in Harrison Township, Elkhart County, was married to Emma Anderson in 1891, and died April 16, 1937. His son Clayton, born September 3, 1893, in A labama, married Elsie Fetters in 1913, died October 23, 1957. Clayton's son LaVern Pletcher, was born May 5, 1914, and married Lenore Doering, May 26, 1935. LaVern's son Richard Pletcher, born April 5, 1941, married Susan Templeton, January 26 , 1964. LaVern and Richard founded Amish Acres in 1968.
    Source: Amish Acres web site
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    Pletcher Cemetery in Crawford County, Ohio:
    Monument erected in Pletcher Cemetery on Beck Road, Galion, Crawford County, Ohio. The Pletcher Cemetery is the resting place of Samuel Pletcher 1751 - 1830. Inscription on monument reads: PLETCHER CEMETERY SAMUEL PLETSCHER GERMAN IMMIGRANT
    Born January 15, 1751 near Alt Wiesloch State of Baden Germany. Died March 15, 1830 near Galion, Polk, Township Crawford Co Ohio
    Samuel arrived at the Port of Philadelphia November 10, 1756 aboard the ship "Snow Chance" with his infant brother Heinrich (Henry) and his widowed mother Marie (Mennardt) Pletscher. The father, Samuel Pletscher died at sea. The brothers Samue l and Henry were raised
    by their great Uncle Fredrick Mennardt. March 30, 1771 in Lancaster County PA Samuel Pletcher married Elizabeth Yoder

    Birth: Jan. 29, 1750, Germany
    Death: Mar. 15, 1830
    Crawford County
    Ohio, USA

    Born January 15, 1751 near Alt Wiesloch State of Baden Germany. Died March 15, 1830 near Galion, Polk, Township Crawford Co Ohio. Samuel arrived at the Port of Philadelphia November 10, 1756 aboard the ship "Snow Chance" with his infant brothe r Heinrich (Henry) and his widowed mother Marie (Mennardt) Pletscher. The father, Samuel Pletscher died at sea. The brothers Samuel and Henry were raised by their great Uncle Fredrick Mennardt. March 30, 1771 in Lancaster Co. PA Samuel Pletche r married Elizabeth Yotta, Yotter, (Jordy) Yoder. The family lived in big valley Huntingdon Co PA from 1780's until 1804 From 1804 until 1818 they lived near Howard below Beech Creek in Centre Co PA. Elizabeth (Yoder) Pletcher died in Centrer Co unty PA between 1810--1819. Samuel, a widower, followed his son Jacob and son -in-law Jacob A. Pletcher and their families to Crawford Co Ohio in the
    spring of 1821 where he spent the remaining 8 years of his life.He was a weaver and family said made cloth for Rev. War for uniforms, blankets,etc.

    Samuel and his brother Henry lived on their step-father's farm until they became of age (around 12 - 13) when they were apprenticed out to learn a trade. Samuel was apprenticed to a weaver and Henry to a cobbler. An apprenticeship usually laste d until the apprentice reached the age of 21 years and the apprentice received food and clothing.

    When the Revolutionary War began, Samuel was 23 years old, was already married to Elizabeth Yoder and had sons. There is no record of his service during the war, but according to family tradition, he was a volunteer in the service of his country . The bible of William Henry Reese (grandson of Ulrich Pletcher) had a note which reads: "Samuel, father of Olie, fought in the American Revolution".

    Samuel married Elizabeth Yoder, daughter of Ulrich and Magdalena Yoder, March 30, 1771 in Lancaster County By 1790 they had moved to Huntingdon County and in 1792 Samuel was issued a warrant for a tract of land in Tod Township, Huntingdon Count y containing sixty-two acres and 155.9 perches. The 1790 census for Huntingdon County, Huntingdon Township lists: Samuel Pletcher, 2 males greater than 16, 4 males less than 16 and 4 females.

    The book 'History of Beech Creek Area' lists Samuel as one of the sawmill operators of Bald Eagle Township from 1801 to 1811. A deed in the Centre County Courthouse, February 28, 1810, Samuel Pletcher, Sr. of Centre Co, Bald Eagle Township sol d 245 acres in Nittany Township, Centre County to Jacob Keller for 600 pounds or $400. The deed was signed by Samuel in German.

    Family links:
    Samuel Pletscher (1729 - 1757)

    Jacob Pletcher (____ - 1870)*
    William Ulrich Pletcher (1774 - 1857)*
    Elizabeth Pletcher Reed (1785 - 1856)*
    (Mrs. Jacob A.) Anna Pletcher Pletcher (1787 - 1855)*

    Pletcher Cemetery
    Crawford County
    Ohio, USA


    Samuel — Elizabeth Yotta. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Elizabeth Yotta
    1. Catherine Pletcher was born , Lancaster County, PA.
    2. Elizabeth Pletcher was born , Lancaster County, PA.
    3. David Pletcher was born Abt 1772, Lancaster County, PA; died , Somerset County, PA.
    4. William Pletcher was born 1774, Lancaster County, PA; died 2 Jun 1857, Lewiston, NY.
    5. Samuel Pletcher was born 1778, Lancaster County, PA; died 14 Nov 1811, Howard, PA.
    6. Henry Pletcher was born 1782, Lancaster County, PA; died , OH.
    7. Anna Pletcher was born 1784, Lancaster County, PA; died Abt 1854, OH.
    8. 4. Jacob Pletcher, Sr. was born 11 Mar 1790, Big Valley, Huntington County, PA; died 13 Oct 1870, Elkhart County, IN.

  3. 10.  Christian Nestleroad was born 1762, Lancaster County, PA (son of Sardin Christian Nestleroad and Elizabeth Kurz); died 1835, Centre County, PA; was buried , Family Cem., Blanchard, Centre County, PA.


    Information obtained from a letter from Leallah Franklin, 822 Camino De Los Padres, Tucson, AZ 85718, dated Oct. 1, 1990, in which she speaks about information obtained from a book on the Nestlerodes, by Talwin: "Christian's father J. Christnsth or Sardin Christian Nestleroth came to America on "The Queen of Denmark." Arrived Phil, Pa on 11-2-1752. He settled in Lancaster County, PA. J. Christian was how it was listed on the Queen of Denmark, but he signed it I Christian, on hi s land purchase records in Lancaster, Pa it is listed as Sardin Christian Nesselroth. I found his name on the immigration list in a book in Salt Lake City. A lot of the Nesselrodes came from southern Europe to Germany and then some of them wen t to Russia. Some of them were of Royalty in Germany also. I have a royal chart of the Nesselrodes in Germany, but I can't find any connection yet. A couple of articles I've read says we are of Russian descent. They were members of Trinity Lu theran Church in Lancaster, PA. This Talwin seems to have done alot of research on the Nesselrodes and he says that Sardin Christian Nesselroth had sons of Christian, Isreal, John, Daniel, and Christopher. He did not list the females....I under stand that our Christian had about 26 children between two wives." Will of Christian Nestleroad, Book B, p. 67 Centre County, Howard Twp. March 12, 1834---Apr. 8, 1835
    Wife Catharine and her Children Son Samuel Eldest dau Anna Dau. Margaret Witnesses: Dau. Maria
    Frederick Shenk Youngest dau. Magdelena Daniel Shenk (in German) Eldest son John Christian Bowers Elizabeth Waggoner Christina (?) Executors: Susannah Bitner Wife Catherine Catharine Rorabough Daniel Snty Bressler 4th son Daniel Isreal Nestleroad (relationship not stated) "My 1st wife's children"

    Christian — Markrat. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Markrat
    1. Christian Nestleroad
    2. Johannes Nestleroad was born 1781; died 1781.
    3. Susanna Nestleroad was born 1782.
    4. Elizabeth Nestleroad was born 1783.
    5. John Nestleroad was born 1784.
    6. Catherine Nestleroad was born 1787.
    7. Christina Nestleroad was born 1788.
    8. Unknown Nestleroad was born 1790.
    9. Unknown Nestleroad was born 1791.
    10. Anna Nestleroad was born 1792.
    11. Isreal Nestleroad was born 1795.
    12. Jacob Nestleroad was born 1797.
    13. 5. Barbara Nestlerode was born 25 Dec 1797; died 26 Oct 1870, Elkhart County, IN.
    14. Daniel Nestleroad was born 1799.
    15. Unknown Nestleroad was born 1802.
    16. Unknown Nestleroad was born 1804.