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Thomas Watkins, (4)

Male Abt 1678 - 1760  (~ 82 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Thomas Watkins, (4) was born Abt 1678, Henrico Co, VA (son of Henry Watkins, (1) and Katherine Pride); died 4 Mar 1760, Cumberland Co, VA.


    Called Thomas "of swift Creek."
    6. Thomas Watkins (2.HENRY2, 1.Henry1) born abt 1678, Henrico County, VA,
    occupation farmer, married ca 1705/10, in ?Henrico County, VA, Elizabeth
    Pride, born abt 1669. Thomas died 4 Mar 1760, Cumberland Co., VA ; of
    Swift Creek. Francis N. Watkins, "A Catalogue of the Descendants of
    Thomas Watkins of Chickahominy, VA. (N.Y. 1852) Elizabeth: Not positive
    on name of Elizabeth Pride; birth date from Betty E. Shetter in 1996
    24. i Susannah Watkins born 1700/1706, Henrico County, VA, died post
    1759, ?Powhatan County, Va, married Joseph Woodson.
    + 25. ii Jane Watkins born 1708.
    26. iii Mary Watkins born 1710, Henrico County, VA, died 13 Feb 1778,
    Goochland County, Va, Married Robert Woodson.
    + 27. iv Elizabeth Watkins born 1712.
    28. v Thomas Watkins born 1714, Henrico County, VA, died Nov 1783, Henrico
    County, VA, Married Frances Anderson?.
    29. vi Joel Watkins born 1716, Henrico County, VA, died 27 Jan 1776, Prince
    Edward County, Va, Married Rhoda Gresham.
    30. vii Stephen Watkins born 1720, Henrico County, VA, died 1755, Amelia
    County, VA, Married Mary Christian.
    31. viii Benjamin Watkins born 1725, Henrico County, VA, died 12 Feb 1781,
    Chesterfield County, Va, Married Elizabeth Cary.

    Thomas married Elizabeth Pride Between 1705 and 1710. Elizabeth was born Abt 1669. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Henry Watkins, (1) was born 1638, Talgarth, Brecknockchire, S. Wales (son of Henry Watkins and Alice Moslin); died 7 Feb 1714, Malvern Hills, Henrico Co, VA; was buried , Turkey Island, Henrico Co, VA.


    Came from England and started the Watkins family that grew around the
    present town of Richmond in Henrico Co, VA. She was raped by John Long
    (Mulatto Jack), a slave of a neighbor. They were Quakers.
    2. HENRY WATKINS (1. Henry 1) born Abt 1638, possibly in Talgarth,
    Brecknockshire, S. Wales?, occupation farmer, married (1) bef... ?1670,
    in ?Henrico County Virginia, Katherine Pride, born abt 1642, died post 1680,
    Henrico co?, VA, buried: Henrico co?, VA, married 2)Rachel Griffen.
    HENRY died 7 Feb 1714, Malvern Hills area, east Henrico County, VA, buried:
    ?"Turkey Island", Henrico County, Va., Quaker, in VA by 1667. On 1 Apr
    1678, testified in Henrico County Court that he was "aged 40 yeares." Lived
    near town of Glendale, VA and near the Chickahominy River & White Oak
    Swamps on the Western Run; Katherine: Henrico County, VA Deeds, Wills
    1677-1692 p. 192 is the only mention of her name on Sep 1681
    [Sources - Deeds, Wills, 1677-1692, p. 24; VA Land Patent Book # 5 p 367;
    "Henrico County, Va: Beginnings of its Families. Part IV, Watkins
    Family, Wm. Clayton Torrence, "Wm & Mary Quarterly", 1st ser. Vol. XXV
    (1916), p. 52-57; "Some Watkins Families of Va. & their Kin": John H.
    Stutesman, Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD, 1989 [John Hale Stutesman,
    305 Spruce St., San Francisco, CA 94118]]
    Children by Katherine Pride:
    + 3. i Henry Watkins born 1660.
    4. ii Elizabeth Watkins born Abt 1669, Henrico County, VA, died Aft 1684,
    ?Henrico County, VA, may have married John Bottom(ly) pre 1691.
    + 5. iii Edward Watkins born ca 1676.
    + 6. iv Thomas Watkins born abt 1678.
    7. v Mary Watkins born ?ca 1683, Henrico County, VA, died post 1735,
    ?Henrico County VA, Married 2 times, 1. Nicholas Hutchins, 2. -- Holmes.
    8. vi William Watkins born prior 1685, Henrico County, VA, died post 1713.
    9. vii Joseph Watkins born prior 1685, Henrico County, VA, died 1723, Henrico
    County, VA, Married Anne ___.
    10. viii Rachel Watkins born pre 1697, Henrico County, VA, died pre 1730,
    Henrico County, VA, Md. 1710/11, to Robert Woodson Jr.
    From: Watkins/Brynes
    To: "''"
    Subject: Watkins family traced back to early Jamestown, USA
    Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 23:21:00 -0400
    Our branch of the Watkins family came over to early Jamestown. My
    parents, Marguerite and Gordon Watkins have the records. There were a number of early Quakers in colonial
    Virginia. Going back through a female ancestor, many of the Watkins are
    directly descended from Pocahontas through her son by John Rolphe.
    Carol Watkins, MD
    According to Stutesman, there is no evidence connecting this Henry
    Watkins to the James Watkins who came to Jamestown in that settlements
    first Winter 1607/08, even though it is common for VA Watkins to claim
    such a connection. We find him first, a landless man, in the middle 1600's
    in Henrico County, VA. He struggled there for a half century to aquire land
    so that his sons would have a better start. He took a dangerous stand for
    persecuted Quakerism. Virgina law, with some variations during the 17th
    century, provided 50 acres "headright" for everyone who came to settle in
    the colony, or to the person who paid for the transportation of the settler.
    In June 1664, a grant of land in Henrico County was made to "Mr. John
    Beauchamp and Mr. Richard Cocke SR.",for their importation of 60 people
    including Henry Watkins. This is not absolute proof that Henry didn't come
    from the Jamestown Watkins because land developers in those days were
    often dishonest, and names of men born in VA often appeared on
    headrights lists. The names of 60 people appearing on the 1664 list also
    appeared on the 1652 grant list submitted by Richard Cocke. Richmond
    stands at the falls of the James River, the limit for travel of salt water
    vessels. In 1673, Augustine h Herman's map of the area shows only 16
    white inhabitations above the site of Richmond. In June 1679 the Henrico
    CountyCourt ordered Henry Watkins to fit out 3 men in hourse and arms it
    is proff that at this time he was a free landowner in the "Turkey Island
    District". There are court record that both Henry and his daughter Eliza
    held to the Quaker faith despite official persecution. Henry aquired a large
    piece of land near te western edge of settlement along the Chickahominy
    river and 60 acres near his old farm in the Turkey Island Creek watershed.
    On 25Jan1692 he divided it up between his five sons, William, Joseph,
    Edward, Henry, and Thomas, as a gift.

    Henry married Katherine Pride Bef 1670. Katherine was born Abt 1642. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Katherine Pride was born Abt 1642.



    1. Henry Watkins, (5) was born 1660, Henrico Co, VA; died 1714, Henrico Co, VA.
    2. Elizabeth Watkins, (2) was born 1669, Henrico Co, VA; died Aft 1684, Henrico Co, VA.
    3. Edward Watkins, (3) was born 1676, Henrico Co, VA; died 1771, Henrico Co, VA.
    4. 1. Thomas Watkins, (4) was born Abt 1678, Henrico Co, VA; died 4 Mar 1760, Cumberland Co, VA.
    5. Mary Watkins was born Abt 1679, Henrico County, VA; died 2 Aug 1736, Henrico County, VA.
    6. William Watkins, (7) was born 1685, Henrico Co, VA; died Aft 1713.
    7. Joseph Watkins, (8) was born 1685, Henrico Co, VA; died 1723, Henrico Co, VA.
    8. Rachel Watkins, (8) was born 1697, Henrico Co, VA; died Bef 1730, Henrico Co, VA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Henry Watkins was born 1585, Wales (son of James Watkins).


    1. Henry Watkins born 1585, Wales, married abt 1637, Alice Moslin. Henry
    died Virginia.
    + 2. i HENRY WATKINS born Abt 1638.

    Special thanks goes out to Virginia Sanders Mylius for the following data. This is a link to her webpage on Watkins:, and here is a quote from it:

    There are several sources that state there was an early HENRY WATKINS (born about 1585) who was the father of Henry Watkins of Henrico County, Virginia, who married Katherine.

    Most particularly, there is the application of Miss Jamie Hess to the Daughters of the Pilgrims, which stated that ?Henry Watkins was born in Wales, 1600, was Burgess of Henrico Co, VA, 1623, listed as dead same year, References provided: Copi es with applications of family records, wills and deeds filed with application. Virginia House of Burgesses, 1619-1658.? I don?t know the truth of her proofs, and can?t help but wonder if those records still exist somewhere!? It seem s to me that he would have been born earlier than 1600, and he seems to have been alive in February 1624, although that is the last mention of him I can find.

    The first representatives of Accomack in the Assembly were "Captain John Wilcocks" and "HENRY WATKINS" both of whom signed a paper as Burgesses from the Eastern Shore in 1624.

    Henry is listed in Henry Watkins of Henrico County: His Descendants and Their Allied Families. States he was born 1585, which gives this list:

    I. Henry Watkins (1585-___)
    II. Henry Watkins m. Katherine Pride
    III. Edward Watkins (c 1665-1771)
    IV. John Watkins (c. 1710-1765) Phoebe Hancock
    V. Henry Watkins (1758-1829) Elizabeth Hudson Clay
    VI. John Watkins (1785-1845) Catherine T. Milton

    Henry Watkins, alive on the Eastern Shore in 1623, after the great Indian massacre of March 22, 1621 .

    In 1621, John Rolfe, in his "Relation of Virginia" writes of being at Cale's Gift near Cape Charles, where there were 17 inhabitants under the command of Lt. Craddock. By 1623 there were 96 inhabitants, 9 of whom were females. Of the 87 me n and boys, the only names preserved were: Edward Rodgers, Benjamin Knight, Henry Wilson, William Andrews, John Parsons, Thomas Hall, Walter Scott, William Williams, Robert Edmunds, John Evans, Thomas Powell, Thomas Parks, HENRY WATKINS, Willia m Davis, John Wilkins, William Smith, John Barrett, Thomas Ancient Savage, John Fisher, James Vocat Piper, John Parramore, and Thomas Gascoyne.

    Henry Watkins subscribed with twenty-five other Burgesses means with which to send Mr. Pountis , in 1623 , with a petition to the Crown. - (Campbell , 178, and Hening I, 129.)

    In February 1624, Accomack Plantation was represented at a stormy session of the General Assembly. Captain John Wilcox, overseer of the Company land, and HENRY WATKINS, overseer for Lady Dale, were the Burgesses. King James I had annulled th e charter of the Virginia Company and only a decree of the highest court in England was needed to make the annulment final. The fate of the representative government which had functioned for almost five years was unknown. The King had neve r favored it and some members of the Virginia Company who sought Royal favors had criticized it. This Assembly was also concerned about the ownership of land in fee simple when the charter was annulled. Some existing laws were strengthened a nd additional ones were passed to make this government more closely conform to the English Parliament. After the General Assembly of 1624 adjourned, Burgesses Wilcox and WATKINS returned to Accomack Plantation to explain the laws to the peopl e. At the census at this time there were 79 men, women and church. The charter of the Virginia Company was annulled on June 24, 1624, and Virginia became England's first Crown Colony. A church was built on the Secretary's land. After th e harvest was finished in the fall of 1624, the rest of the Company tenants were transferred to Elizabeth City. The census of 1625 shows 51 people.

    Other than in Miss Hess?s application, I can find no further proof that this early Henry Watkins was the father of our Henry Watkins. There is no will of the early Henry Watkins, that I know of, and no land records, etc., that might tell us t he truth of the matter. There are proofs that we descend from the following Henry, however.


    Henry married Alice Moslin 1637. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Alice Moslin
    1. John Watkins
    2. Thomas Watkins
    3. 2. Henry Watkins, (1) was born 1638, Talgarth, Brecknockchire, S. Wales; died 7 Feb 1714, Malvern Hills, Henrico Co, VA; was buried , Turkey Island, Henrico Co, VA.
    4. Lewis Watkins was born 1640.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  James Watkins


    According to Brythonic Gaelic, the name "Watkins" means "little Walt or
    Walter". The suffix "kin" is a diminutive of Walter. This information
    was told to me by a professor of Welsh in a local junior college. He
    has a PhD and is the head of the department. He gave me a book to read
    about Welsh names that was fascinating. "Ap" means "son of" and is
    probably the reason some Welsh names have changes--as "Powell" which
    wasoriginally "Howell", but with the "Ap" was changed to "Powell" (Ap
    Howell= "Powell". says (via David Watkins), I am a direct
    descendant of the Henry Watkins of Henrico County., VA. b. 1637/38 m.
    1658 d. 1714/15. Based on information that was generously sent to me,
    the connection back to England I seek to make is:
    James Watkins b. ?, Wales, Great Britain, Came to the US aboard the
    PHOENIX with Captain John Smith in 1608. James had a son named Henry
    Watkins b. 1585, Wales, Great Britain; and Henry was the father of the
    Henry Watkins which I referenced above.
    James Watkins apparently had three sons who came to America. Per one
    source: "Henry's brother's Peregrin and Daniel, had come to Accomack
    County in 1621, Peregrin aboard the GEORGE. He was 20 years of age (his
    muster of James City in 1624); 'Perregrim Watkinses, age 24, in the
    GEORGE, 1621.' Daniel came aboard the CHARLES to James City County,

    1. Daniel Watkins
    2. Peregrin Watkins
    3. 4. Henry Watkins was born 1585, Wales.