Carl & Elaine (Grove) Rhodes' Genealogy Pages

Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Yeazle, William  1885Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81968
2 Yeazle, Goldsberry  20 Oct 1889Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81999
3 Tidwell, Nannie Marie  Mar 1893Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I87452
4 Thomas, Ruth A.   I87441
5 Thomas, Richard B.   I87432
6 Thomas, Melvin E.   I87433
7 Thomas, Melissa V.  Abt 1864Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81947
8 Thomas, Mary Lucetta  Abt 1863Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81946
9 Thomas, Margaret Josephine  28 Feb 1871Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81950
10 Thomas, Major D.   I87437
11 Thomas, Jeremiah Mclellan  Abt 1865Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81948
12 Thomas, Jemima J.  Abt 1859Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81945
13 Thomas, Harry Monroe Jr.   I87431
14 Thomas, Gerald   I87435
15 Thomas, Effie Leona  Abt 1901Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I87445
16 Thomas, David   I87436
17 Thomas, Bersil? M.   I87438
18 Thomas, Benjamin H.   I87447
19 Thomas, Ann Belle  Abt 1869Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81949
20 Snyder, George S.  22 Nov 1895Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I3773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Margaret Josephine  10 Sep 1889Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81950
2 Thomas, Jeremiah  28 Nov 1902Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I5029
3 Newell, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1906Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana I81942