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Gallatin County, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Webber, Sallie A.  1866Gallatin County, KY I975
2 Webber, Richard A.  1878Gallatin County, KY I981
3 Webber, Nancy M.  1872Gallatin County, KY I978
4 Webber, Mary J.  3 Aug 1861Gallatin County, KY I973
5 Webber, Lucy A.  Apr 1880Gallatin County, KY I982
6 Webber, James P.  1864Gallatin County, KY I974
7 Webber, Isabel  1859Gallatin County, KY I972
8 Webber, Ira V.  1874Gallatin County, KY I979
9 Webber, Georgia E.  1868Gallatin County, KY I976
10 Webber, George B.  Apr 1895Gallatin County, KY I1019
11 Webber, Frankie E.  Aug 1884Gallatin County, KY I984
12 Webber, Eva M.  Mar 1894Gallatin County, KY I1018
13 Webber, Edith M.  Nov 1881Gallatin County, KY I983
14 Webber, Charles D.  Feb 1870Gallatin County, KY I977
15 Webber, Addie M.  Apr 1876Gallatin County, KY I980
16 Webber, (Infant)  Feb 1900Gallatin County, KY I1020
17 Jones, Minnie  1873Gallatin County, KY I1038
18 Jackson, Gilly A.  1842Gallatin County, KY I1081
19 Jackson, Charles  1873Gallatin County, KY I1118
20 Jackson, (Infant)  Abt 1838Gallatin County, KY I1080
21 Jackson, (Infant)  Abt 1836Gallatin County, KY I1079
22 Hamilton, Lavinia  14 Feb 1833Gallatin County, KY I959
23 Goins, Thomas A.  1846Gallatin County, KY I939
24 Goins, Paschal Todd  1842Gallatin County, KY I937
25 Goins, Nancy Jane  1840Gallatin County, KY I936
26 Goins, Milly Ann  1830Gallatin County, KY I931
27 Goins, Mary Frances  1834Gallatin County, KY I933
28 Goins, Malvina  1850Gallatin County, KY I941
29 Goins, Lucynda  1836Gallatin County, KY I934
30 Goins, Lemuel  1844Gallatin County, KY I938
31 Goins, Julia  1849Gallatin County, KY I940
32 Goins, Emariah  1831Gallatin County, KY I1114
33 Goins, Ellen Catherine  1838Gallatin County, KY I935
34 Goins, Elizabeth  1832Gallatin County, KY I932
35 Foley, Sarah  1874Gallatin County, KY I1039
36 Foley, Richard C.  1869Gallatin County, KY I1032
37 Foley, Pamela  1844Gallatin County, KY I1025
38 Foley, Pamela  Abt 1816Gallatin County, KY I912
39 Foley, Nellie  1879Gallatin County, KY I1035
40 Foley, Maggie  Aug 1893Gallatin County, KY I1042
41 Foley, Lucinda  Aug 1857Gallatin County, KY I1028
42 Foley, Lizzie  Sep 1879Gallatin County, KY I1046
43 Foley, Liza  Aug 1889Gallatin County, KY I1051
44 Foley, Leftridge  1851Gallatin County, KY I951
45 Foley, Joseph  Apr 1840Gallatin County, KY I1023
46 Foley, John O.  May 1887Gallatin County, KY I1036
47 Foley, James W.  1876Gallatin County, KY I1034
48 Foley, James S.  Jul 1879Gallatin County, KY I1048
49 Foley, Ivory  1878Gallatin County, KY I1040
50 Foley, Ida  1873Gallatin County, KY I1045

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Vest, Judith  Bef 1860Gallatin County, KY I1306
2 Foley, Pamela  Bef 1850Gallatin County, KY I912
3 Foley, Mahulda Huldy  Bef 1860Gallatin County, KY I907
4 Foley, Bayless  Bef 9 May 1825Gallatin County, KY I140
5 Breeden, Mildrid  Aft 14 Sep 1829Gallatin County, KY I141
6 Breeden, John  Abt 1827Gallatin County, KY I1185
7 Breeden, Elijah Allen  15 Oct 1886Gallatin County, KY I1294
8 Breeden, Elijah  Bef 1840Gallatin County, KY I1184
9 Breeden, Andrew  Bef 22 Dec 1860Gallatin County, KY I1290
10 Bailes, Charles  Bef 13 May 1839Gallatin County, KY I898


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Webber / Sisson  13 Mar 1892Gallatin County, KY F428
2 Webber / Roberts  15 Feb 1891Gallatin County, KY F431
3 Webber / Ellis  15 Jun 1856Gallatin County, KY F427
4 Ross / Goins  18 May 1858Gallatin County, KY F418
5 Phillips / Bales  16 Jun 1860Gallatin County, KY F424
6 Kidwell / Goins  29 Dec 1852Gallatin County, KY F414
7 Jones / Goins  1 Feb 1853Gallatin County, KY F413
8 Jackson / Webber  25 Feb 1886Gallatin County, KY F429
9 Jackson / Foley  25 Jun 1834Gallatin County, KY F404
10 Hussong / Goins  3 Oct 1862Gallatin County, KY F419
11 Hostetter / Webber  13 Feb 1889Gallatin County, KY F430
12 Goins / Severs  13 Nov 1867Gallatin County, KY F420
13 Goins / Jackson  7 Mar 1866Gallatin County, KY F421
14 Goins / Bales  18 Apr 1867Gallatin County, KY F422
15 Goin / Goins  17 Jan 1862Gallatin County, KY F416
16 Goens / Goins  5 Jan 1854Gallatin County, KY F417
17 Furnish / Goins  31 Jul 1858Gallatin County, KY F415
18 Foley / Jones  14 Mar 1872Gallatin County, KY F442
19 Foley / Goins  29 Aug 1871Gallatin County, KY F423
20 Foley / Goin  22 Sep 1861Gallatin County, KY F441
21 Foley / Alta  14 Aug 1880Gallatin County, KY F443
22 Ellis / Foley  15 Oct 1841Gallatin County, KY F401
23 Doty / Foley  28 Jan 1854Gallatin County, KY F440
24 Cox / Goins  10 Sep 1848Gallatin County, KY F457
25 Copher / Foley  8 Oct 1818Gallatin County, KY F399
26 Copher / Brisby  28 Jul 1848Gallatin County, KY F406
27 Brisby / Foley  25 Apr 1842Gallatin County, KY F402
28 Breeden / Vest  15 Jan 1812Gallatin County, KY F472
29 Breeden / Rose  8 Sep 1853Gallatin County, KY F487
30 Breeden / Gardner  8 Apr 1841Gallatin County, KY F489
31 Breeden / Dinwoodie  14 Jan 1845Gallatin County, KY F490
32 Breeden / Alexander  15 Feb 1810Gallatin County, KY F473
33 Bailes / Foley  10 Jun 1831Gallatin County, KY F395
34 Adams / Webber  9 Oct 1901Gallatin County, KY F432

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