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Shelby County, KY



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Foley, Sarah Sally  4 Jun 1802Shelby County, KY I905
2 Foley, Mahulda Huldy  1808Shelby County, KY I907
3 Foley, Infant  Abt 1805Shelby County, KY I906
4 Breeden, William S.  Abt 1815Shelby County, KY I1308
5 Breeden, Richard Jr.  16 Aug 1789Shelby County, KY I1186
6 Breeden, Rebecca  1815Shelby County, KY I1254
7 Breeden, Mildred S.  Abt 1825Shelby County, KY I1258
8 Breeden, Matilda  1813Shelby County, KY I1307
9 Breeden, Mary Polly  Abt 1809Shelby County, KY I1286
10 Breeden, Mary Frances  Abt 1823Shelby County, KY I1151
11 Breeden, Mary A.  Apr 1832Shelby County, KY I1260
12 Breeden, Joseph  Abt 1832Shelby County, KY I1262
13 Breeden, Joseph  1830Shelby County, KY I1259
14 Breeden, John Ballard  1822Shelby County, KY I1256
15 Breeden, John  Abt 1787Shelby County, KY I1185
16 Breeden, James S.  13 Sep 1819Shelby County, KY I1164
17 Breeden, James  1835-1836Shelby County, KY I1263
18 Breeden, Isaac Newton  22 Apr 1821Shelby County, KY I1139
19 Breeden, Hezekiah E.  23 Jul 1800Shelby County, KY I1191
20 Breeden, Henry Pierce  27 May 1827Shelby County, KY I1161
21 Breeden, Henry  Abt 1795Shelby County, KY I1162
22 Breeden, Frances Anne  Abt 1791Shelby County, KY I1187
23 Breeden, Frances  27 Sep 1802Shelby County, KY I1192
24 Breeden, Emaretta  Nov 1825Shelby County, KY I1257
25 Breeden, Elizabeth  Between 1814 and 14 Oct 1825Shelby County, KY I1153
26 Breeden, Elisha  1 Jun 1816Shelby County, KY I1289
27 Breeden, Elijah  Abt 1785Shelby County, KY I1184
28 Breeden, Catherine Angeline  1820Shelby County, KY I1255
29 Breeden, Calvin C.  1812Shelby County, KY I1253
30 Breeden, Bland Ballard  Abt 1798Shelby County, KY I1188
31 Breeden  Abt 1810Shelby County, KY I1284
32 Breeden  Abt 1808Shelby County, KY I1283


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Breeden, Richard  Bef 25 Jul 1798Shelby County, KY I142
2 Breeden, Henry  1827-1828Shelby County, KY I1162
3 Breeden, Bland Ballard  Bef 17 Oct 1824Shelby County, KY I1188
4 Breeden  Bef 1830Shelby County, KY I1284
5 Breeden  Bef 1820Shelby County, KY I1283


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jones / Breeden  19 Mar 1839Shelby County, KY F483
2 Gobin / Breeden  24 Nov 1808Shelby County, KY F390
3 Foley / Breeden  2 Jun 1801Shelby County, KY F50
4 Breeden / Stanley  22 Aug 1799Shelby County, KY F469
5 Breeden / Gobin  9 Feb 1807Shelby County, KY F470
6 Breeden / Davis  17 Sep 1818Shelby County, KY F461
7 Breeden / Combs  11 Feb 1808Shelby County, KY F471
8 Breeden / Breeden  7 Jun 1798Shelby County, KY F468

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